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IVR Best Practices: The Solution That Conquered the Customer Service MarketĀ 


The use of IVR systems provides an improved user experience in call centres. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an innovative tool that enables communication with recipients. It is a system that saves time, money, and energy. Choosing the right automated phone system will make your business an easy life and propel it a few steps forward. With ivr best practices, you can, for example, reach audiences that cannot receive SMS messages or mailings, convey a short and clear voice message, and more.

How to send a voice IVR message from the system?

The system allows you to send voice messages to the contacts we hold. A voicemail is an audio file with an audio message sent to the recipient's mobile phone in a dial-up configuration. When it is sent, the recipient's phone rings, it answers the incoming call on receiving upon input.

Never Miss a Single Customer Again!

Answers every call with impressive professionalism and allows you to route the critical call to the available representative. The system interface and ivr setup are simple and easy to use and to set the phone numbers to which the calls will be routed, establish the company's operating hours, and transfer the call to leave a voicemail to an unanswered email. The system is also available in the event of power outages or communication malfunctions in the business.

And if you still missed a call?

Are you on vacation or a date? Could not answer the call? Do not worry; it will send you an email about any call you did not answer, with all the relevant information, to get back to the customer, even if he hung up and chose not to leave a voicemail. You can generate reports about calls you missed at any moment online, thus ensuring that you do not miss any customers.

Do you have additional employees or employees from home?

After an ivr setup, you can set hours when calls are routed to one phone and other hours when routed to another number. Do you have any departments in the business? Several extensions can be determined in the system conveniently and quickly.

Global business? Want to grow?

It is especially suitable for global companies and businesses with branches or employees abroad. The system allows the industry to publish local phone numbers in any country in the world where the business is active or interested in operating. This is a significant advantage for global companies 24/7.

Your business needs to look professional – An impressive voice response

The company collaborates with professional announcers in many languages and will be happy to assist you in planning the ivr best practices like your voice response, from writing a text to choosing a narrator to record in a professional studio (the service is at an additional cost).

Companies that move to this system soon find out how efficient the service is. There are no more abandoned calls, missed sales, customers who are angry about the long waiting time or a representative who was not kind enough. Another significant advantage is that it is a cheap system.