Find The Best Microphone For ASMR

ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response, videos have become extremely popular over the internet in the past few years. This has captivated and attracted millions of people from all around the world. These videos are known to include whispers, particularly ambient sounds, and binaural sound.

ASMR is among the hottest trends on YouTube at the moment. if you want to start up your ASMR channel then you must get some helpful insights, the right equipment, and the tricks and tips to understand the ASMR sound in general. 

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This is often described as a tingling, static sensation. This sensation refers to a relaxing and soothing feeling. It spreads from the scalp and then moves down to the neck and upper spine. 

Over the last years, more people are becoming interested in ASMR. It can be measured if you search that how many people are looking up for ASMR every day on YouTube.

What equipment is needed to begin making an ASMR video?

You can use your phone to record the first ASMR video. But if you wish to take things to the next level, you can go for professional and advanced equipment. You can buy a camera or a microphone to get going. 

Microphones are considered to be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you must have so that you can record the sounds during the making of an ASMR video. There are plenty of microphones in the market that you can find. The best Microphone for asmr is one that offers quality and precision. For a beginner, it can be hard to pick out a good microphone. 

How to pick the perfect ASMR microphone?

When you are purchasing the microphone,  make sure that the microphone is compact and small and it is portable. A beautiful design that consists of the durable metallic casing is also a must as it offers durability and long life. The easily foldable microphone is the best for storage, especially when packing. The microphone should come with a cable that could connect to the computer and is simple to plugin. 

When you are buying the microphone for the ASMR videos, you must buy a microphone that is effortless to use. Some of the microphones come with an inbuilt analog to digital converters that make the work easy for the users. A headphone jack can also be used to monitor the quality of the audio. Make sure that you can record the ASMR audio recordings that allow the users to record under all the situations. 

Some of the microphones have multiple polar patterns and these patterns can include cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo recordings. The microphone should be compatible with Windows and Mac OS and should have a good, considerable RAM. You should choose the best microphone for ASMR that is well within your price range and focus on the quality of the connectors.  You can look at various options in the market so that they meet your requirements.